Aside from Ford and Porsche, Hyundai has been steadily introducing exciting eco-friendly developments over the years. Their more recent reveals include the Ioniq 6 and the N Vision 74. While waiting for what they’re cooking up next, we are usually checking creative projects like this UTV. There is no indication that one is in development but we sure wish it would draw inspiration from this.

So far, the South Korean marque has been generally designing and engineering passenger and commercial vehicles. However, Roman Ignatowski envisions what a recreational utility platform from Hyundai may look like. Since we consumers are all about choices and personalization, the UTV concept here features a unique setup.

Instead of offering multiple trim packages, the UTV opts for a modular configuration. You start off with a rugged base model which boasts a design lifted from regular side-by-sides. We can see a sleek geometric body that likely sits on a robust frame. Peeking out just behind its rims are shocks with coilovers for its suspension system.

Rough terrain won’t be an issue for this bad boy as its wheels are shod in chunky off-road tires. There is no shortage of add-ons and upgrades to build the ideal four-wheeler for recreation or work. Although we do know this is an emission-free prototype, details regarding its technical specifications are unavailable as of this writing.

Nonetheless, the standard UTV layout shows four seats, no doors, a small cargo bed, and a futuristic dashboard with a digital instrument display. Owners can outfit their machine with door bars, a roof rack, storage compartments and more. Hyundai should take notes just in case they ever add vehicles like this in the future.

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Images courtesy of Roman Ignatowski