HYT proves its innovative spirit once again with the new limited edition H4 Gotham timepiece. While it does keep the essence of all its predecessors, it also brings new elements of design and micro engineering that set it apart from other HYT pieces.

The company describes the luxury watch as “a skeleton piece sculptured between shadows and light.” It is more transparent than all the other models before, featuring openworked components and no dial at all. This allows the wearer to see the entire gear train and part of the barrel. For even more transparency, the time indexes have been moved onto the bezel for the first time ever, thus reducing the obstruction of the inner works.

HYT H4 Gotham Luxury Watch HYT H4 Gotham Luxury Timepiece Dial

The case itself has been enlarged to 51 mm to further enhance the feeling of openness. For a complex play of lights, reflections and shadows, the HYT H4 Gotham also got a sapphire crystal with metalized finish which creates a double effect: on the side that touches the wrist it has a smoky glass effect, while on the opposite face it has a smooth mirror effect.

Another innovation for the watchmaker is the case, which is entirely made out of the remarkably lightweight and sturdy 3DTP carbon material. A brand new exclusive caliber powers the watch, boasting 35 jewels, a power reserve of 65 hours, and 28,000 vph. Even the strap is new and techy, featuring a rubber base with integrated Nomex technical fiber. Each of the 50 units is priced at $79,000.

HYT H4 Gotham Transparent Case Back HYT H4 Gotham Luxury Timepiece Case