Sustainability is the goal that everybody needs to set their sights on. Some may consider it as nothing but propaganda, yet studies show climate change has already begun to affect our planet. Let’s not wait until things get out of hand and do everything we can to stop emissions and non-biodegradable waste. Meanwhile, Clae unveils several eco-friendly kicks under its Apple collection.

These are in no way affiliated with the Cupertino, California-based tech company. Instead, we have four stylish sneakers that showcase the use of a bio-based material sourced from Italian juice manufacturers. Clae is also catering to a specific subset of consumers who prefer to stay away from products that involve animals.

Thankfully, the footwear industry already offers innovative alternatives to genuine leather. Nevertheless, there’s always room for more improvements and clever workarounds as shown by the Apple collection. Pick between four designs which are available in Triple Black or Off-White colorways.

The list includes the Bradley, Joshua, Malone, and Ellington. So far, the latter is the only exception as it only comes in a blackout theme. Clae is aptly calling the material Appleskin. It makes up most of the construction of each shoe along with other GRS-certified recycled components such as foam insoles, mesh, and laces.

GOTS-certified organic cotton linings also make their way into each Apple collection model. Finally, there is the Standard Premium (SP) outsole using 30% natural rubber. We believe Clae has enough cosmetic variety to appeal to varying tastes. Depending on the style, the prices range from $140 to $180. However, the brownie points you earn for caring about Mother Nature are priceless.

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Images courtesy of Clae