There is no such thing as a boring HYT timepiece. Each one of their creations is bold, full of character, technologically advanced, and really exciting. The H1 Cigar model is the company’s first watch that can be customized according to each customer’s preferences without compromising on quality and performance.

For this bold slash audacious project, HYT decided to develop a special resin material that could be combined with any solid element without losing its excellent physical and chemical properties. This was an ambitious goal indeed, but after a long time of planning, developing and testing, an innovative polyepoxyde resin with a very friendly character was finally obtained. This material can accept any foreign material in its composition, and still remain dense, hard and perfectly reliable.

HYT H1 Cigar Watch

The resin is transparent, which allows for the material of every client’s choice to stand out beautifully. In this particular instance, real brown cigar leaves were successfully integrated into the case for a stunning original effect. The watch was developed in collaboration with the La Casa Cubana cigar bar, and the design was tastefully complemented by a brown PVD coating over the titanium parts.

For utmost harmony, other elements have also received a brown makeover, including the hour ring, the outer part of the minutes dial, the alligator leather strap, and the titanium pin buckle. The logo of La Casa Cubana is nicely integrated into the minutes dial together with the flags of Singapore and Cuba. Only eight examples of this outstanding watch have been made available worldwide.

HYT H1 Cigar Watch Dial