Even without driving one, the BAC Mono R is oozing with a high-performance vibe promising exhilarating experiences. This single-seat sports car is engineered with adrenaline-pumping speed and superior handling in mind. More remarkable is the fact that this platform is reportedly road-legal. Meanwhile, Hypetex developed a one-off version to market its latest composite.

Briggs Automotive Company already uses “world-leading graphene-infused carbon panels” but Hypetex believes there is still room for improvement. So, how do you upgrade something that’s already almost close to perfection? The answer lies in the latter’s proprietary titanium carbon fiber twill.

The material is purportedly lighter and provides a distinct cosmetic tweak over the default composite. Images shared show the familiar weave yet is coated with a special lacquer. By comparison, painting the Mono R the regular way is practically the same as adding 138 grams for every square meter, while the cutting-edge option keeps it virtually negligible at just 17 grams per meter squared.

The owner of this bespoke Mono R is based in the United States and commissioned BAC to deliver a more exotic version. According to Hypetex, the powertrain remains stock, which sees a 2.5-liter Monotune in-line four engine with a rated output of 342 bhp and 243 lb-ft of torque. It can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds.

Expect improvements across the board as overall performance receives a huge boost with the drop in weight. “Born out of Formula 1 technology, Hypetex offers manufacturers sustainable aesthetic materials with technical and efficiency benefits,” reads the press release. The BAC Mono R is a striking machine that evokes the competitive spirit of motorsports from every angle. Perhaps will see another customized unit in the future.

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Images courtesy of Hypetex/Briggs Automotive Company