Husqvarna has a long history of building manly tools and great motorcycles. The Swedish company just came up with two stunning bike concepts at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan: The 401 VITPILEN(White Arrow) and 401 SVARTPILEN(Black Arrow). Inspired by the lightweight and racy-looking bike built in 1955- the Silverpilen, the ‘401’ machines are all about purity, simplicity of form and economy of line, while boosting a sleek modern design. The bikes weigh just 397 pounds and use an exposed trellis frame, upside-down TP forks, and 17-inch wheels. The retro-futuristic body work flows into the integrated fuel tank and both bikes wear a dual-LED headlamp. Power comes from a state-of-the-art 400cc water-cooled engine with an output of 43hp.

While they’re just concepts for now, we’d love to see these bikes hitting the open road soon, and we’re sure Steve McQueen would agree with us. via

Husqvarna Motorcycle Concepts2

Husqvarna Motorcycle Concepts13

Husqvarna Motorcycle Concepts14

Husqvarna Motorcycle Concepts3

Husqvarna Motorcycle Concepts4

Husqvarna Motorcycle Concepts 5

Husqvarna Motorcycle Concepts 6