From the time when the Koru was conceptualized, built, and finally delivered a few months ago, Jeff Bezos’ luxury yacht generated an obscene amount of publicity. Now that it’s already in the hands of Amazon’s executive chairman, the world is ready to move on to the next big thing. Surprisingly, the Hurtigruten Group has the Sea Zero project.

Just like the automotive industry’s push for sustainability in the coming years, shipbuilders are also interested in green technology. However, the limitations imposed by existing systems make it impossible to develop a truly emission-free vessel to navigate the world’s waters. Nevertheless, the Norwegian cruise line outfit hopes to be the first to go fully electric with the Sea Zero.

Hurtigruten Group CEO Daniel Skjeldam stated, “We are excited to announce our most ambitious sustainability initiative to date; creating solutions for zero emission passenger ships, using the Norwegian coast as the ideal case. Our ambition is to sail an emission-free Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express ship by 2030.”

The company also counts on research institute SINTEF and other industry giants to achieve its goal. For now, what they envision is a 443-foot liner outfitted with various types of accommodations for up to 500 guests. A crew of 99 will man the Sea Zero and its amenities. In addition to the usual stuff, the hull will also feature space to haul vehicles and more.

Meanwhile, the propulsion system is purportedly powered by a massive 60 MWh battery. According to the Hurtigruten Group, the Sea Zero luxury liner can travel up to 350 nautical miles on a single charge. In an odd yet fascinating way, the battery levels are visible on the sides of the hull. Finally, another innovative addition is a trio of retractable wings lined with solar panels to harvest energy from the sun.

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Images courtesy of the Hurtigruten Group/VARD Design