The Hurricane XLT2 comes courtesy of Teva and Outdoor Voices’ latest collaboration. Perfect for the summer, the classic multi-strap features a vibrant combination of blue, yellow, navy, and red. Both companies like to call it Poseidon/Lemon.

Is this colorway the new modern-day equivalent of Blood Orange-levels of pretentiousness? If so, we don’t really mind. The pair is gorgeous nonetheless, pulling off a look that skirts the edges of toy-cartoonish but never crossing ever. You get a refined, playful combination that looks fun, perky, but never too one-the-nose.

They’re ideal for hikes, beach trips, and everything on your summer itinerary. They’re pretty robust thanks to the splash-ready polyester, nylon, and recycled PET webbing construction. There’s also Durabrasion Rubber for some firm traction. And if you don’t like wearing socks, feel free not to. It’s got a blister-proof heel tab so you can walk all day and come with with both feet unscathed.

This paid of sandals also features increased grip and a softer EVA midsole. So, if you want a pair of reliable sandals for, say, hiking, these are a great choice. Do know that the typical Hurricane XLT2 costs just $70. This, on the other hand, retails for $85, although shipping is free. You’re probably being asked to pay a premium for the colorway. Normally, we’d fume at that, but given how gorgeous it looks, we’ll let that slide this time.

Also, Teva sandals aren’t for everyone. Sandals aren’t for everyone. But for no-frills footwear in the summer, you can grab these and go easy-peasy.


Photos courtesy of Outdoor Voices and Teva