Looking at the building from the front, it’s not immediately obvious that the dwelling is not on even ground. Hsu Rudolphy Architecture, on the other hand, reveals all as it names it the Slope House. There’s certainly no BS there as the 245 square-meter structure stands on an incline.

The property is surrounded by a landscape of trees and a jaw-dropping view of an inviting lake. To see this in person, you need to be in Santiago, Chile and go for a two-hour drive from the city. Of course, you’ll need an invitation from the owner of the Slope House to take in its full glory.

That might be a tall order so let’s just work with photos and floor plans. Given its precarious location, Hsu Rudolphy Architecture is not taking any chances here. Forming its framework are steel beams and concrete. Moreover, the main struts of its foundation appear to be embedded well below ground.

Instead of an industrial aesthetic, most of the Slope House is clad in wood. Large sections feature glass walls and huge windows to give occupants unobstructed views of the surrounding natural scenery. Furthermore, it allows more natural light to flood into the volumes.

To match the topography of the area, there are three levels with multiple terraces. You can choose to relax inside or step out for some fresh air. We’d gladly dine al-fresco here given the chance. The upper floor is where you’ll find the kitchen, dining room, living room, and spaces to hang out.

One level down the Slope House is where the three bedrooms and bathrooms are. Finally, the lowest floor is just another living space with a terrace and stairs that lead to the ground and lake.

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Images courtesy of Hsu Rudolphy Architecture