If you’re done with the traditional milk crate treatment for your record collection and looking for elegant ways to display them, then the HRDL Vinyl Table is the ideal choice. It displays your vinyl records as art pieces and offers enough storage to organize cables and more.

It even has a dedicated spot on top for your turntable. This is a cabinet and table in one that stands on either spider legs or pencil legs at a 25-degree display angle. It is pretty sturdy despite its slim legs and looks great either put up against the wall or in the middle of a room.

The HRDL Vinyl Table has a couple of storage bays and both can hold a total of 200 12″ LPs. It has space behind the sliding tambour door for an amplifier or a receiver (or for other storage purpose) while the turntable sits on top of the cabinet. Every piece of this furniture piece is meticulously handmade to the highest standard and then carefully finished, wrapped and packed flat for shipment.

Meanwhile, the backside of the cabinet has two 60mm holes for cable management to ensure that your setup looks sleek and neat at all times. Inside the cabinet are three in-house 3d-printed cable clips to further organize the wiring.

The HRDL Vinyl Table offers great solution for a tidy setup. Customization is also applicable for the color and material combinations. There is option to choose from black, light gray, and white Valchomat as well as oak, walnut, or ash wood. It weighs 18-19 kg depending on the wood used and measures 47.2″ long and has a height of 29.5″ (cabinet height is 7.9″). 

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Images courtesy of HRDL