When your electric motorcycle becomes a donor platform for aftermarket projects, it could mean two things. Firstly, this suggests the features are awesome enough to warrant the attention of shops everywhere. On the other hand, it’s also possible there are certain attributes that need improvement. Hookie Co.’s custom take on the CAKE Ösa Flex Orange Ant, meanwhile, delivers a cool one-off.

The machine they start off with is already an awesome sustainable ride. Nevertheless, the German moto design group believes they can dial up the fun factor. With a growing lineup of accessories and kits for gearheads who love to get their hands dirty, this Flex Orange Ant shares what owners can build with the right parts.

This CAKE Ösa is a capable urban commuter, but Hookie Co. wants us to personalize it according to our tastes. The product page says its electric drive system boasts 4 kW of power. Meanwhile, torque is 31 lb-ft of torque at the axle and 111 lb-ft for the wheel. The Gates 87-teeth rear sprocket with mudport technology and belt makes it virtually maintenance-free.

Powering the Flex Orange Ant is a 50.4V 50 Ah premium lithium battery that is enough for up to 44 miles. However, aggressive driving can whittle that down to approximately 23 miles. The e-bike tips the scales at roughly 196 lbs. and can hit a top speed of 30 mph.

There are three ride modes available and each can extend range, balance performance, or max it out, respectively. Hookie Co. endows the CAKE Ösa with an Alcantara skateboard saddle, Rapid indicators, a custom Highsider Square LED headlight setup, and Frozen transparent grips. The Flex Orange Ant is up for sale now but won’t stay that way for long.

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Images courtesy of Hookie Co.