Rarely we come across a rugged moped that’s specifically designed to tackle the off-roads. The Honda C50 Custom Moped by 56 Motorcycles ($NA) is exactly that, and it’s a fun looking ride too.

Built by Paris-based custom motorcycle workshop 56 Motorcycles, this nimble machine begun life as a 1970’s 50cc Super Cub. The French lads began the build by stripping away all but the bare necessities. This included the fences, saddle, headlights, speedometer, and even the original brakes. The carburetor was replaced by Keihin and was attached with an air filter, the engine was cleaned and recoated in gloss while the body of the moped was covered in classic white.

Among the other customizations 56 Motorcycles performed on the C50 included the removal of the original steering with bars taken from a mountain bicycle. The seat has been switched out for a pancake style pad with a fuel access hole in the middle and the fenders have been shortened.

In all, once completed, 56 Motorcycles’ Honda C50 custom moped has been tuned to an aesthetic that gives an artistic bent to a thoroughly satisfying ride. [via]