There was a time when dual-screen devices were considered groundbreaking technology. These days, it’s all about flexible panels as every big-name brand boasts a diverse portfolio of foldable gadgets. Meanwhile, Compal takes the dual-display approach but introduces a two-hinge system to enhance the versatility of their concept laptop. Let’s check out the DualFlip and its cool capabilities.

If we were never given a heads-up about this new platform, it’s impossible to guess what it brings to the table. To tell the truth, it’s easy to think this is just another clamshell notebook gimmick that involves two touchscreens. However, the addition of a second hinge completely changes the game as it gives users the flexibility to tackle various tasks.

Compal appears to have taken inspiration from several commercial products but adds a distinct spin to set the DualFlip apart. A secondary display is generally associated with increased productivity depending on the profession. You can flip it open vertically just like a standard laptop or horizontally for an ultra-wide aspect ratio.

In the renders supplied, we can see a detachable wireless keyboard with a touchpad accessory. It’s similar to what Lenovo, ASUS, and other computer hardware manufacturers ship with their foldable laptops. Bluetooth connectivity and NFC are most likely at play for this to function seamlessly.

Extended horizontally, a cradle is revealed and is probably where the included stylus is kept when not in use. A built-in kickstand allows you to adjust the angle of the screens for overall comfort. Our experiences with flexible displays have been a mixed bag, yet we’ll gladly choose dual-screen setups over them. Let’s hope a working prototype of the DualFlip eventually comes out.

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Images courtesy of Compal