Even as battery technology improves, it appears that we are still far from fully electric propulsion systems. Although it’s not a totally green approach, most shipbuilders are opting for hybrid platforms instead. Any effort to reduce emissions is always welcome which is why Hinckley Yachts gives us the Picnic Boat 40 S SilentJet.

Given the popularity of the Picnic Boat model, it makes sense for the Maine-based shipbuilder to rework it with a slightly eco-friendly setup. Ultimately, we have a classy vessel with minimal environmental impact and practically no range anxiety. Much like EVs, what keeps buyers on the fence is mileage.

This also applies to aircraft and watercraft with all-electric configurations. Hinckley Yachts knows this for a fact after its 2017 venture with the Dasher Electric failed to make a splash. However, the Picnic Boat 40 S SilentJet strikes an attractive balance. 

This 40-footer basically reuses the blueprint of the beloved Picnic Boat 40 S. Thus, the elegant aesthetics and familiar deck layout are intact. Meanwhile, the hybrid system the 40 S SilentJet uses is a joint project between Hinckley Yachts and Twin Disc.

You have an 80 kWh lithium-ion battery unit to run 90 kW electric motors. Then there are the twin Cummins QSB inline-six turbo diesel engines good for 550 horsepower each. The former allows the Picnic Boat 40 S SilentJet to cruise at 8 mph or 6.5 mph and remain virtually quiet.

Engage the throttle and the engines roar to life and zip you up to 40 mph. Via an advanced automatic switching technology, the electric motors then turn into generators that recharge the battery. The Picnic Boat 40 S SilentJet’s sleek looks and hybrid capabilities are selling points you may want to consider.

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Images courtesy of Hinckley Yachts