Overlanding normally involves the use of powerful pickup trucks, SUVS, and specialized RVs. Upon reaching your destination it’s just a matter of setting up camp and enjoying everything that follows. For those who prefer to take their ATVs or UTVs instead, Hinckley Overlanding caters to them with the GOAT trailer. Now you can enjoy what the big boys do!

If you’re wondering about compatibility, this camper trailer can be towed by bigger vehicles as well. It’s just that this model is on the compact side and just the right weight for side-by-sides or single-seat quads. The GOAT is designed for extreme adventures.

Hinckley Overlanding calling it the GOAT is probably alluding to two things. First, its robust go-anywhere build quality could be compared to the hardy animal’s attributes. Secondly, it might be to brag that this camper trailer is the “greatest of all time” among its contemporaries.

Either way, it’s shaping up to be a cool platform for enjoying the occasional nomadic experience. The manufacturer uses a 3/16” steel base plate and 14-gauge heavy-duty steel for its shell. It rides on a half axle torsion suspension for impressive ground clearance with steel wheels wrapped in 235/7R15 off-road tires. These allow GOAT to go anywhere you need it to be.

When parked, you can deploy the four stabilizing jacks which can support up to 8,000 lbs. Mounting racks can hold tents or gear, while the rest of your stuff can fit inside the 38” x 63” x 27” (64,638 cubic-inch) storage. Hinckley Overlanding will even color-match the GOAT to your ride, which is an awesome bonus! Buyers can likewise add more optional accessories to customize their camper trailer further.

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Images courtesy of Hinckley Overlanding