The HILU Blanket provides warmth in the cold and also cools you down during hot summer days thanks to its highly-conductive material. This blanket is made from pure graphene fiber, which regulates temperature while you sleep.

The graphene fiber is crafted by using a unique wet spinning process that involves dissolving graphite into liquid graphene crystals. The crystals are dried to form the fibers which are then woven together using Adaptex technology. The result is a blanket that detects and regulates your body’s temperature. 

The HILU Blanket is the perfect addition to any bedding set as it helps you sleep soundly at night whatever the season. It adjusts to your body’s temperature so when you’re feeling cold, it absorbs the coldness and releases warm air to keep you warm. Similarly, when you’re hot, it absorbs the heat from your skin and lets out cool air to cool you down. It dissipates the heat within the fiber and prevents the build-up of humanity to keep you while you sleep.

Moreover, the use of pure graphene fiber makes it highly durable and virtually tear-proof. It is also lightweight, soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial. It is also IGCC and OEKO-TEX100 certified which means it is safe to use by both adults and babies.

The HILU Blanket works both indoors and outdoors so you can take it in your camping adventures. When it gets dirty, simply machine wash gently with cold water and tumble dry or line dry. It requires less maintenance but is guaranteed to stay soft, cozy, and cuddly even after ten years of usage.

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Images courtesy of HILU