Let’s say you’re expecting a new superyacht delivery anytime soon. Occasionally, some shipyards are throwing in some freebies such as water toys, tenders, or even a chopper as a package deal. If the latter is not part of the bundle, not to worry because Hill unveils a new type of helicopter – the HX50.

Normally, owners of such types of aircraft prefer to hire a professional to pilot their rides. However, Hill designs the HX50 with easier controls for recreational use. It is “the helicopter you have always wanted, exquisite in every detail, combining exceptional performance, safety and ease of flying with an outstanding ownership model,” says company chairman and chief engineer, Dr. Jason Hill.

It is outfitted with an in-house 400-horsepower GT50 turboshaft engine that promises the best-in-class performance. Hill notes its top cruising speed is 140 knots with a range of 700 nautical miles and a maximum payload of 1,760 lbs. Much like any commercially available chopper, the HX50 features two seats in front with their respective interfaces.

Facing the pilot and co-pilot are two 15-inch screens that relay all relevant information. In the middle is a mount for an iPad that integrates with the system. It can then function as an auxiliary device that can display context-sensitive support, flight planning data, and other graphical details to aid pilots from take-off to landing.

The windows wrap around the cockpit and extend all the way back. This gives the pilots and passengers panoramic views of their surroundings. The HX50’s cabin can accommodate up to five and flaunts luxurious appointments. Hill even offers comprehensive personalization options. Clients can customize the exterior, interior, landing gear, and so much more.

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Images courtesy of Hill