Gamers know that building a new rig from scratch is one of the most rewarding experiences ever. Pre-assembled units are available for those who just want a plug-and-play deal, but these are often expensive and underpowered. Similarly, another growing trend deals with mechanical keyboards. If, you’re in the market for one HIBI Design’s HIBIKI seems like a solid choice.

Much like a gaming rig, wherein each component can be customized according to the user’s tastes, this also applies to keyboards. There are various sizes and layouts to choose from to suit your typing needs. To start you off, HIBI Design’s first offering is a 65% model in four cool colors.

We get to pick from VERY HIBI (purple), CHOC (brown), OFFICE BEIGE (beige), and SNOW BOY (white). The HIBIKI flaunts a machined aluminum top which is then bead-blasted with an additional anodization or e-coating process. This gives it a premium matte finish that feels classy to the touch.

As for the base, the manufacturer uses an injection molding for the polycarbonate which then receives a touch-up to remove imperfections. From a cosmetic standpoint, you’ll find that it strives for seamless perfection. The HIBIKI uses a WT65-H3-HIBI PCB.

It comes from a popular supplier of parts and electronics for bespoke keyboard projects. The PCB features Kaih hot-swap sockets, which will withstand up to 5,000 cycles of switch replacements. Over-current and EDS protection ensures your HIBIKI will always remain functional.

It also supports 7U or 6.25U spacebar sizes and full or split backspace options. “We’ve spent months tooling HIBIKI, with several rounds of prototypes prior to launching our pre-order. This allowed us to test, feel, review, and tweak the final product before launching it for sale,” wrote HIBI Design.

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Images courtesy of HIBI Design