All this talk about whiskey might have made you think we’re biased about the booze we want to share with our readers. Honestly, we encourage everyone to sample everything they can in order to narrow down what suits their fancy. If it’s cognac on order, you can never go wrong with Hennessey. It just so happens that a limited-edition expression dubbed the V.S x Nas is now out in the wild.

2023 marks a major milestone for Hip Hop as the music genre hits half a century old. Hence, this accomplishment needs to be recognized in the glitziest way possible. We’re certain there are several commemorative collaborations if you know where to look, but the illustrious French label calls on an award-winning artist whom it recognizes as “a long-term friend.”

Insiders from the distillery claim the American rapper whose real name is Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones is a purveyor of fine spirits like cognac. With a career as prolific as his, Hennessey saw it fitting to call on him to endorse this exclusive release. The V.S x Nas is probably best described as a love letter to the culture that defined a unique and stylish way of living.

“It’s an honour to collaborate with Hennessy to commemorate this moment for the art form,” explains Nas. “Hip hop has always had a special connection with Hennessy, and I’m excited to celebrate the culture’s 50th anniversary with a brand and product that pays tribute to its history and impact.” We also learned that there will be a special tied to this launch in New York City.

The Hennessey V.S x Nas ships with vibrant packaging that announces its partnership with the musician via a bold text that reads “HenNASsy.” The box is presented mostly in white with splashes of gold, orange, and mosaic images of elements tied to the genre as well as that of the man himself. A badge that reads “honoring 50 years of Hip Hop” adorns the cover.

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Images courtesy of Hennessey