To succeed in a certain trade, it takes years of consistently producing quality products until your brand becomes a household name. As such, one Norwegian brand proves that with years of experience, it’s ready to offer something new. The Helle Kletten is apparently the company’s first-ever compact folding knife and boy does it deliver. We’re looking at 87 years of Scandinavian design behind this exceptional EDC tool. Following the brand’s philosophy of hard work, honesty, and quality, you’re looking at one fine blade.

It clocks in at 84 grams, which makes this gentleman’s pocket knife feel like its barely there. The Kletten features a 2.1-inch blade crafted out of triple-laminated steel. Helle is renowned for its usage of this heavy-duty material for most of their knives. Likewise, the stainless steel liners and its lock back design make for a robust tool that will tackle tasks like a pro. Meanwhile, the curly birch scales add an elegant layer of style to its ergonomic handle

Despite its compact design, users can firmly grasp its handle with a three-finger grip. It should give you ample leverage to slice through almost anything with its razor-sharp Scandinavian flat-grind edge. The Helle Kletten takes its name from the Norwegian word for a small mountain for a large hill. Those of you who want something a bigger might want to check out the Beja. In fact, you can call it the rightful predecessor to the Kletten. Just like its smaller cousin, it touts the same quality, performance, durability as most of the knives in the brand’s impressive catalog.

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Images courtesy of Helle