What outdoor camping getaway would be complete without the quintessential camping chair? This one, called the Savanna Chair, is from the folks at Helinox, no stranger to making excellent outdoor comforts.

The Savanna Chair is unique in that Helinox designed it for tall people. Thanks to its high back and wide profile, anyone eclipsing six feet will have a nice time lounging with this one. It doesn’t matter if they weight up to 320 pounds. The Savanna Chair can take it.

Similar to the Chair One Camp Chair, another one from Helinox, the Savanna features mesh panels on the back and bottom sides. These bring optimum comfort, with the mesh shapeshifting to accommodate the the shape of a person’s back. Elsewhere, you’ll find a nice soft cup holder. Careful not to spill anything.

Amazingly, Helinox managed to keep the chair’s weight at just 4.3 pounds. This despite despite the load-bearing capacity and roominess of the Savanna Chair. Even better, the chair’s frame and cover can be folded down and fit into a 6″ x 6.5″ x 21.5″ sleeve. No fuss when setting up at all, and no fuss when packing up, too.

As for the construction, the frame is made of proprietary aluminum alloy. You’ll find an internal bungee cord that can self-assemble when you’re setting up the whole thing. The seat cover and carry sack, meanwhile, are made of polyester that’s UV-resistant.

The chair costs $200 on Amazon. A tad bit pricey for a camping chair, but you get what you pay for: a lightweight, compact, and smartly designed outdoor essential.