Developed by the German HNF Heisenberg company (which is in no way associated with the mad Walter White from Breaking Bad), the CD1 Cargo e-Trike is an e-commuter bike that can also haul your groceries/baby/meth/whatever you need to carry. The unique design sports three wheels and a cargo platform in the back.

The riders won’t have to break their backs pedaling because the e-Trike is powered by a top-notch Bosch drive that’s fully integrated into the bike’s alloy frame. Max speed is 15mph thanks to the powerful 250-watt motor, while the loads carried can weigh up to a considerable 265 lbs. The CD1 comes with the brand’s signature built-to-tilt riding system that allows for tight turning and safe handling at high speeds.

Heisenberg’s e-Trike can be purchased with two different wheelbases and two sizes of cargo platforms. It can also be optionally outfitted with a basket, child carrier or a TopLoader unit.

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