Are you in the market for a Porsche restomod? If so, we have a couple of names in mind that offer some of the best builds. Off the top of our heads, there’s Singer Vehicle Design, RUF Automobile, and Tuthill Porsche. Meanwhile, another shop is poised to cater to client demand for bespoke 911s with the [H]000.

This remarkable 911 Targa is the project of Hedonic Machines which took the team three years to complete. With their dedication and creativity, the results are nothing short of jaw-dropping. Fans of the German marque and automotive enthusiasts, in general, will likely appreciate the elements to make it stand out.

Its [H]000 now flaunts alterations of various parts to endow the donor vehicle with a unique silhouette. According to the French outfit, the car now sports wider fenders. Moreover, there’s the custom bumpers, spoiler, diffuser, and side sills, among others. They’re also replacing the opaque vinyl roof with transparent PMMA

Hedonic Machines give due credit to one of its partners for manufacturing the replacement cover. Next, the 911 Targa welcomes some high-tech upgrades. The analog instruments are out as digital screens take over the driver-side dashboard.

For entertainment, the cockpit’s central aluminum tunnel now rocks a Devialet Phantom loudspeaker. To boost its performance, the original 250-horsepower 3.6-liter engine undergoes a comprehensive rework. Hence, the [H]000 now holds a 3.8-liter mill that produces up to 380 horsepower.

To highlight this 911’s most iconic feature, the Targa arch receives a makeover. An aluminum plate with the Hedonic Machines emblem at the foot on each side now comes with a braided mesh insert. This median band on the [H]000 resembles a vent grille on the engine cover.

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Images courtesy of Hedonic machines