We believe most of you were probably blown away by the gimmick revealed by the distillery behind the BLACKENED Limited Edition 72 Seasons Batch. As part of the aging process, the American whiskey underwent the Black Noise treatment wherein the casks were blasted with music from Metallica’s latest album. If you prefer a more traditional take on the spirit, Heaven’s Door Decade Series #2 is an excellent option.

What helps this 10-year-old expression stand out from the vast selection of labels is its connection with a legendary artist. Like his contemporaries, Bob Dylan also has a penchant for alcohol and sources can attest that whiskey is his poison of choice. Hence, this limited-edition release is a treat for drinkers who crave a bolder experience.

As you all know, rye tends to impart a spicier characteristic in contrast to other grains like wheat and corn. Heaven’s Door Decade Series #2’s age statement might not be as impressive as that of certain Scotch and Irish blends out there, but it is considerably longer than usual for American whiskey.

According to people who have sampled the second entry under the Decade Series designation, aromas of apple candy and banana are prevalent. Notes of honey, tannic licorice, caramel, vanilla, molasses, and orange are revealed after a sip. Like most rye whiskeys, the finish definitely leaves a strong and lasting impression.

Master blender Alex Moore shares that the latest Decade Series #2 is a curated mixture of various rye whiskeys. If your senses are more attuned to that of bourbon, this might take a while to really appreciate. Still, this deserves a spot in any collection given its limited-edition status. Try it neat before you mix it in a cocktail.

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Images courtesy of Heaven’s Door