Are your taste buds and other senses craving a new delightful drink? The fact that there is a ridiculous number of alcoholic beverages is the best news you’ll hear all day. However, it also becomes a dilemma when it’s time to choose. To narrow down your options, start with your favorite type of booze. If it so happens to be American whiskey, may we suggest the Heritage Collection by Heaven Hill?

The distillery gives us a reason to mark our calendars for an exciting annual event. “We’re proud to introduce a new collection of extra-aged, ultra-premium American Whiskeys to our portfolio. The Heaven Hill Heritage Collection exemplifies the true craftsmanship, patience and consistency that are hallmarks of our almost 90 years of whiskey-making traditions,” as noted by the group.

There is no exact date specified, but you can pin the release window every spring. You are guaranteed exceptional quality as each curated package is sourced from one of six traditional mashbills. Furthermore, these barrels holding the spirits in question are the oldest stocks in storage, but the ages vary for each expression.

For 2024, American whiskey enthusiasts are looking at an 18-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon. It’s bottled at 120 proof and does not undergo a chill filtering process. According to Heaven Hill, the Heritage Collection 2024 mashbill is comprised of 12% malted barley, 10% rye, and 78% corn. 133 casks were produced in 2005 and “aged on the third floor of rickhouse 1I.”

Tasting notes detail a polished mahogany hue with aromas of toasted almonds, old oak, black tea, and dried flowers. Sipping the 2024 Heritage Collection unveils essences of oak char, leather, vanilla, and caramel. Heaven Hill described the final experience as “big spices with a long, warm and dry finish.

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Images courtesy of Heaven Hill