Although it would have been much cooler if it were a home, the ‘Hub of Huts’ project functions as something else. This is the work of Network of Architects (NOA) as part of Hotel Hubertus. The establishment is a must-visit for folks who love sprawling vistas of mountains and more. Located in Olang, South Tyrol, in northern Italy, check out the Heaven & Hell Sky Spa.

They’re calling it “an architectural masterwork that literally turns wellness upside down.” If you’re already staying at Hotel Hubertus, dropping by at the Heaven & Hell Sky Spa should do the body and mind some good. A relaxing session awaits after a day of trekking and touring the breathtaking locales in the region.

The structure appears to be floating about 50 feet off the ground until you notice the walkway. NOA – just like their work on the Hotel Hubertus’ pool — cantilevers the steel platform to extend outward from a building on its grounds. This is definitely not for folks with a fear of heights.

Those who crave a sense of thrill when they want to melt the day’s stress away should give it a shot. The Heaven & Hell Sky Spa shows a series of volumes on top and below. To live to its name, the upper level holds lie-down and seated whirlpools with areas that receive sunlight and provide spectacular views.

Meanwhile, those who seek other amenities can head down to access the nude whirlpool, two saunas, and an ice room. These extremes may be too much for the uninitiated but should provide the treatments a weary traveler requires. The Heaven & Hell Sky Spa is an attraction at the hotel you don’t want to miss.

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Images courtesy of Hotel Hubertus/Network Of Architects