You know it’s always prudent to be prepared in case something unexpected comes up. Which is why it’s important to always have gear that can help you from a survival standpoint. You might need something to slice or cut whatever stuff that comes your way (food most likely). That’s why we love the HEAdesigns EQ V2 Ti knife—a reliable pocket tool that can likely help when you’re in a pinch.

We agree that the unusual choice of colors makes it difficult to take seriously, but if past experiences taught us one thing—what matters is durability and performance—looks are just secondary. Don’t take it the wrong way, the knife comes in shades that are unconventional yet attractive at the same time. However, those who’ve handled previous models from the brand know that it’s more than just eye-candy

The 3.5-inch blade is forged from M390 steel—recognized for its corrosion-resistance and strength. You will also notice that the flipper tab on this new model is much smaller than its predecessor. This is supposedly in line with the smaller profile intended by the manufacturer. The two-tone finish on the blade is a remarkable feature that likewise gives it an interesting profile.

Its handle is perfectly crafted from 6A/4V aircraft-grade titanium that’s at its widest closest to the bolster and tapers down to a rounded point. The sleek form of the frame seamlessly houses the shape of the blade. The compact assembly measures only 4.9-inch long and 1.1-inch wide when closed. A total of four colors are available with matching accents on the pivot, clip, and rivets.

HEAdesigns EQ V2 Ti is a limited production run with only 150 units crafted for each version and cost $349 to own one.

HEADesigns EQ V2 Ti

Photos courtesy of HEAdesigns