New Zealand is probably one of those countries you see pictures of in your feed everyday and swear to visit someday. But it never happens. Maybe the Lindis Lodge will finally nudge you to hightail to the southwestern Pacific Ocean and visit this country’s wonders.

The quaint and cozy little retreat sits alone against a vast panorama of mountains and grasslands. It tops the “Places Where You’ll Feel Like The Only Person In the World” list.

Lindis Lodge and its 6,000-acre periphery nearly goes undetected, and there’s a good reason for that. The structure’s wood plank roof is camouflaged, as if it’s part of the landscape. The effect is mesmerizing, like the whole place is wedged into a giant crevice just waiting to be discovered.

The inside is as tantalizingly beautiful as the exterior. Floor-to-ceiling windows line the space generously, letting visitors peak outside the majestic Ahuriri Valley. Such a design invites the outside in, creating a delicate and organic synergy between the outdoors and inner comforts.

There are a host of activities that await outside, most of them in the Ben Avon station. You can try horse trekking, fly-fishing, or just good ol’ biking. If you’re aching for a bit more adrenaline, you can go off-roading with a 4WD buggy. Or for something more extreme, you can glide across Mt. Cook and Milford Sound.

Then, just as the sun begins to dip down the picturesque mountains, you can head inside. Pop open a bottle of champagne. Snuggle down into your blanket. And do it all over again the next morning.


Photos courtesy of Lindis