Inspired by the fighting genre of arcade video games from the 1990’s, the design house of Harow, in Paris, France, has created an ultra-comfortable sofa. The standard size of the Harow Arcade Sofa ($Inquire) is 49” x 43” x 59” although custom sizes and configurations are available on request. Each of these sofas are entirely hand made out of recycled wood, steel, and velvet.

The sofas feature coloration and markings from such immortal games as Street Fighter II and The King of Fighters but they do not themselves to only games. Of the 21 standard designs, some are related to pop culture and movies. As well as such classics as Aliens, Jurassic Park, Dragon Ball, or Toy Story; one sofa features a Deadpool-inspired Hello Kitty!

Not only will the Arcade Sofa make a fine centerpiece for your game room or den, its laid-back cushions will support you however long you have your ‘Game-On.’