This Harman Kardon transparent record player looks straight out of a sci-fi movie with its attractive aesthetics. It can easily pass off as room decor only if it doesn’t function too. 

Designed by URUSS Design, this is a dream accessory for audiophiles who want something visually appealing to add to their living space. It boasts a modern yet minimalist aesthetic. Stylish and unique at the same time with a design that is reminiscent of an alien spacecraft landing on earth as it sits on top of a durable steel tripod. The turntable is just a sight to behold especially when it gets down to work.  

The Harman Kardon transparent record player boasts a transparent housing that gives you clear visuals of what goes on inside. The interior mechanism mesmerizes the eyes as the record spins and beautiful tunes assault your ears. It transforms a simple act of playing an LP into a musical event to remember.

Moreover, when it comes to sound, Harman Kardon never disappoints. It remains a go-to brand for audiophiles because it provides impressive tunes. does not sacrifice sound quality over form factor. This music player is no exception. It boasts a balanced soundscape with sublime mids, punchy lows that make you want to bob your head, and melodious highs for an overall orgasmic listening experience. 

This Harman Kardon transparent record player easily becomes a statement piece or conversation starter. Brushed metal finish in black and polished steel parts adds to its retro-futuristic aesthetics that’s sure to impress music lovers. 

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Images courtesy of Harman Kardon