We recently spied the Harley-Davidson Future Custom concept and liked what we saw. The minimalist form factor and subdued finish definitely got us stoked for more. Meanwhile, another one of its upcoming models—the Livewire—lives up to its namesake and goes full electric. You can expect skeptics to pass it off as underpowered, but the brand’s reputation should prove otherwise.

Specific details regarding the company’s first commercial battery-powered model are yet to be uncovered. Therefore, we can only speculate on what the engineers have stashed under its robust frame. Other than a battery, what we do know is that it will boast a clutch-less throttle configuration and brake systems courtesy of Brembo.

It has certainly come a long way from when it was first announced in 2014. After a lengthy absence from the public eye, everyone already started to wonder if it turned out to be an abandoned project.

However, we’re glad that all of the rumors ended up inaccurate as the Livewire resurfaced with some minor cosmetic changes. A quick comparison with the early prototype model shows that it retained around 80 percent of the original design, with some minor tweaks that enhance its sporty appeal.

As an added bonus, insiders claim that a built-in feature on the Livewire will make it produce the familiar growl of a gas-powered engine—probably to mask the telltale hum of an electric motor underneath. However, the absence of any exhaust will certainly betray its ruse anyway, so it’s better to disable this option in our opinion. You can catch a glimpse of this bad boy in the wild sometime next year.

Go electric with the Livewire

Photos courtesy of Harley-Davidson