Around the same time last year, James B. Beam Distillery debuted two blends overseen by the team at the Fred B. Noe Distillery. We got the Jacob’s Well and Colonel James B. Beam marketed under the Hardin’s Creek label. We believe the reception was more than favorable as 2023 welcomes the Kentucky Series.

The group’s latest venture welcomes a trio of rare expressions which are hinted to be highly limited. So as not to overwhelm drinkers, the Kentucky Series is slated to drop in three parts. This gives aficionados a chance to enjoy the experience each bottle delivers to the senses.

As hinted by reports, the first to launch is the Clermont, followed by the Frankfort and Boston. The Kentucky straight bourbon whiskeys should pack distinct flavor profiles imparted by the varying environments these spirits age in. Hardin’s Creek confirms all carry 17-year-old age statements on the bottle.

“The Kentucky Series is a testament to the influence of location and how nature plays such a vital role in liquid maturation,” states eight-generation master distiller Freddie Noe. Who are we to argue with the experts, right? The double distilled alcohol is then bottled at 110 proof and slapped with a stylish Hardin’s Creek sticker.

He also adds, “while these three bourbons were made with the same mash bill and aged in Kentucky, the micro-climates and environments at each location are distinctly different, which greatly impacts the taste of each product. As my Granddaddy Booker Noe said, ‘set it and let nature take over.'” The Clermont is now available, while the Frankfort follows in August and the Boston in September.

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Images courtesy of Hardin’s Creek/Beam Suntory