Meal preparation is mostly done in the kitchen since that’s where your tools, stove, or oven are. However, there are times wherein you just want to cook elsewhere, like directly on the table or maybe in a different part of the house. Portable cooking equipment like the 2cook can give your home the versatility it needs.

There is nothing too fancy about this device as it plugs in directly to your wall outlet. From an aesthetic standpoint, however, the 2cook is a minimalist masterpiece envisioned by South Korean ID consultancy Happ Studios. From what we can tell, there’s only one colorway for now.

Thankfully, the company went for black, which endows it with understated elegance. The dark shade likewise makes it easy to match with any décor. Moreover, it’s not as prone to discoloration over time given its exposed to heat in every use. Another characteristic that makes it cool is the nesting system.

This allows the components to stack over one another to save storage space. Its oblong outline looks sleek and modern. The bottommost component is the electric cooktop. Its rear features a cable management system and a manual switch beside the cord. Meanwhile, there are two adjustment dials at the front that flank the 2cook branding in the middle.

The rest of its accessories include a stew pan, a cooking pot, a steam grill, a frying pan, and a glass lid. You can use them independently with each heating plate. Handles on both ends make it easy to transport. Happ Studios’ 2cook is great for homes with limited kitchen countertop space. Perhaps future models will pack even more functionalities.

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Images courtesy of Happ Studios