Sergey Buldygin designed the Handmaid Table Lamp to add a cultural and artistic element in your living or bedroom space. Its unique form is reminiscent of paper cones crafted in younger years and of Japanese monk garbed in their traditional attire. 

A few geometric shapes cut out, folded and pieced together turns this paper into a fully-functional lamp or night light. The unique, DIY approach to the assembly takes just seconds to complete thanks to the clever clip-on mechanism. 

Once completed, the Handmaid Table Lamp takes on a stable design perched on a metal stand with the “hat of the monk” serving as the lampshade. The angle of the hat provides precise angle lighting and perfect for casting light over a larger surface space. Meanwhile, the wire that holds the bulb passes through the cone where it hides seamlessly. 

Meanwhile, the choice to go with translucent materials for the night light is a carefully-thought out design element. This allows not just the lamp head to emit the light but the whole unit itself. It transforms into an ambient light source that emits a soft glow to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.  

Moreover, the Handmaid Table Lamp features a minimalistic aesthetic that would fit with just about any room setup. Yet its charming and playful design makes it ideal as a source of light in a children’s bedroom. When placed on a desk, it evokes creativity and imagination. This night light is definitely more than just a source of practical illumination. It also adds a touch of whimsy in the room and evokes childhood memories of crafting paper cones.

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Images courtesy of Sergey Buldygin/Behance