Located on a remote 60 acre, privately owned forest in Sullivan County, NY, the multiple award-winning Half-Tree House is a perfect example that with little money, a bit of ingenuity and plenty of elbow grease you can build an outstanding cabin.

Raised by amateur weekend builders on a steep area, this 360 sq ft structure is lifted above the ground using Sonotube footings, with half of its weight being supported via Garnier limbs to two existing trees. The perimeter is formed by engineered wood beams while the interior and exterior boards were milled from the Eastern Pines found on the property. The house uses traditional Scandinavian pine-tar to withstand wet winters, and the floor is protected with a clear matte sealant. Three 8’x8’ steel-tube pivot doors fitted with dual-insulated glass complete the cabin and allow for natural light to protrude while framing panoramic views of the unspoiled surroundings.

The Half-Tree House has no vehicular access, no piped water and no electricity. It uses a highly efficient Jotul wood stove for heating while power comes from a portable generator. We’d trade a city apartment for it, any day.

This house has been included in Cabin Porn –a collection of the most remarkable handmade homes in the backcountry of America.

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