H3 House 10

As far as an inexpensive summer home goes, one could do far worse than this design created by architect Luciano Kruk in Mar Azul (Buenos Aries province of Argentina). With the H3 Houses extensive use of full-wall glass, you can experience the feel of outdoor living while still comfortably enjoying all the benefits of home.

The upper level holds a master bedroom and a smaller, cabin style sleeping room, sharing the full bath. Downstairs, the open view living room fronts a full kitchen and half bath along with the home’s semi-covered outdoor spaces.

Constructed from raw concrete (including flooring & furniture), this compact block house is very low-maintenance. The solid side walls provide a privacy screen from the street, yet allow for unimpeded views onto the outdoor deck areas, which lead to a dense forest of pine trees. Storage and bath areas are fully concealed so you would not feel as though you were living in a glass house, so rock throwing is optional.

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