We’re now at a point in time wherein conventional automobile are slowly on their way out. We can thank the development of cutting-edge battery technology, engineers can now have electric cars(EVs) go the distance. These high-capacity power sources can closely rival the mileage that modern engines can deliver. However, unlike fossil fuel, which is readily available almost anywhere, compatible charging stations are still few in number. Meanwhile, the brilliant mind behind the Gumpert RG Nathalie is making a bold claim.

According to Roland Gumpert, this futuristic electric supercar will supposedly offer unlimited range. We admit that it sounds too good to be true, but the EV relies on a unique system to go the extra mile. The secret behind its impressive range is potentially a revolutionary upgrade for all future electric-powered transportation. What gives the Nathalie’s batteries an extra push is an additional power source. This uses a methanol fuel cell assembly to recharge its batteries. Now you can cruise in your stylish ride over long distances without fear of going empty in the middle of nowhere.

It’s currently not clear if the methanol fuel cell power source of the Gumpert RG Nathalie can deliver what it promises. After all, this sleek electric supercar is still in its concept stages. Going back to performance, each of the EV’s four wheels features an electric motor that produces around 800 horsepower in total. Expect it to accelerate from zero to 62 mph within 2.5 seconds. For superior weight distribution, the fuel cells occupy the front portion, while the batteries sit under the floor of the vehicle.

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Images courtesy of Roland Gumpert