The greatest problem draft beer affectionados have for enjoying the golden nectar at home is the extremely short shelf life of the growlers. That seems to have been solved by Growler Chill ($380).

Imagine a counter-top tap that has a patented system to use CO2 under pressure to assure the beer stays fresh for days or weeks. Then imagine this tap could hold 3 growlers for a variety of on-tap brews to choose from without worry of any going flat. That is what the Growler Chill is all about. Taking up no more space than a toaster oven, this refrigerated draft beer dispenser uses standardized fittings to load a new 64 or 32 oz growler. The opaque casing of the appliance also keeps the beer away from any possible light contamination.

The Growler Chill comes with a phone app that allows you to set the temperature controls, load beer histories, and even check how much is left in each growler among other features. Replacement CO2 cartridges and cleaning materials are all easily available to make your home draft beer experience three times better than ever before.