Grovemade is all about finding beauty even in the simplest of things, like a stack of sticky notes. This quintessential work desk must have does not have to stick to traditional norms in its design, aka just a bunch of clean papers piled up. They can also have embellishments take for instance a metal base like the Grovemade Sticky Notes and Notepads.

This pair is the latest in Grovemade’s Stationery Collection. Instead of cardboard or a thin piece of paper, it boasts a base crafted out of solid machined metal in ceramic-coated aluminum or brass. The heft ensures you can write down notes or reminders easily without having to worry about the stack slowly slipping off the table. You also don’t have to use both hands just to tear off a piece of paper from the stack.

Suffice to say, the solid metal base keeps everything steady. Add premium paper and you have a unique, elegant “tool that actually improves your workflow.” Moreover, the Grovemade Sticky Notes and Notepad are designed to take up minimal space on your work desk. It can fit into narrow spaces thanks to its slim design. It stays right there, available for when you need it.

The good thing is the metal base also works as a paperweight so that’s another efficient way to make use of the stack of papers, in a sense. The Grovemade Sticky Notes and Notepad come in three colorways including Black, Silver, and Brass. All look elegant, modern, and eye-catching no matter which one you choose.

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Images courtesy of Grovemade