Do you wear a belt? If so, not only do these accessories keep our pants, shorts, and other pieces of clothing securely in place. Moreover, depending on the material and the outfit it’s paired with, it can also add a stylish flair. Our recommendation would be the Groove Belt from the awesome folks at Groove Life. Here’s why!

In 2021, the company sent over a couple of samples from their catalog for us to test out. One of those was the belt in question. Since it was briefly featured in one of our articles, it’s time we showcase what this bad boy offers. The Groove Belt is a fashionable and versatile alternative to what is regularly available.

Since not all of us have the same build, it’s essential to have enough sizes. Groove Life lets you pick between five: small, medium, large, XL, and XXL. The smallest is at 28” to 32” and the biggest is at 51” to 60” for the best fit depending on your waist circumference. Instead of fabric or leather, it uses a stiff synthetic weave.

Furthermore, a proprietary webbing allows your Groove Belt to stretch. The elasticity of the strap makes it easy to find the most comfortable length. Use the keeper loop to hold the extra flap down. Next up is the buckle and we just enjoy how the strong neodymium magnets create that satisfying snap.

No more fiddling with traditional closure systems as the intuitive latching mechanism makes the process as smooth as it can get. With a simple push, you can unhook the buckle effortlessly. Depending on your tastes, Groove Life has a huge number of buckle and strap designs for the Groove Belt.

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Images courtesy of Groove Life