Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and it’s a great time to reconnect with family and friends. Most folks are heading back to where their roots are and celebrating with loved ones. The occasion usually calls for good food and great company. Alcoholic beverages help after a heavy meal and if it’s tequila, give the Añejo from Gran Coramino a try.

If the brand seems unfamiliar, it’s because this was just recently launched a few months ago. Headed by 11th-generation tequila maker Juan Domingo Beckmann of José Cuervo fame and beloved comedian Kevin Hart, this is their venture’s second release. The first was the Cristalino – an ideal choice for fans of the Blanco variety.

Gran Coramino’s clear tequila is geared for taste buds that prefer a hint of sweetness with notes of “vanilla bean, toffee and dark berries.” The finish is long and balanced with traces of oak. Meanwhile, The Añejo is the bolder follow-up that arrives in a striking black bottle with a gold label and accents.

This spirit ages in American Oak and French Oak barrels for 12 months. The distillery then mixes an Añejo that was previously maturing in ex-cognac barrels. According to Gran Coramino, each sip delivers “a silky smooth taste.” It gives off an aroma of cinnamon and butterscotch.

The tequila bursts with flavors of coffee bean, toasted cacao, and rich oak. A long and sweet finish with an oaky essence completes the experience. It’s currently available for shipping to several states and costs $113 a bottle. You should order it now before the holiday rush bottlenecks deliveries. Gran Coramino says orders of the Añejo normally take five to 10 days to arrive at your doorstep

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Images courtesy of Gran Coramino