Smarter, smaller, and more portable than a regular CNC machine, the Goliath Autonomous CNC Robotic Machine is perfect for creators who want to design big projects at scale. This highly precise device can also cover much larger areas than your average CNC, thanks to its omnidirectional wheels that allow it to move freely across the material you’re working on.

The Goliath can cut through wood, plastic, sheet metal, and copper, and it is equipped with a patented sensor system, responsible for precisely triangulating the position of the CNC. The robot communicates using radio frequency signals. The sensor updates the robot’s position 100 times each second, resulting in an impressive accuracy level of 0.1 mm.

This automated CNC can be used to shape a variety of objects, including signs, skateboards, furniture, and more Even better, the lightweight robot is easy to store when you’re done with turning your design ideas into real products.

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