There’s nothing better than baking your own bread. It’s a rewarding experience and you can also be sure of what goes in your dough. But it can be tricky. Too much yeast or the lack thereof can produce undesirable results. The same goes for making your own sourdough starter which relies on the ideal temperature for it to grow. But baking enthusiast Erik Fabian has found a solution that produces great results—  the Goldie incubator. 

Using a sourdough starter as opposed to the readily-available yeast can give you bakery-style bread. But temperature is the problem when making your starter. If it’s too cold it won’t rise and too warm and it will kill the living organisms inside. It’s tricky to get that “oven spring” in your bread, which tells how loose your crumb is and how large the air pockets are in the bread.

This is why Fabian created the Goldie with the help of industrial designer Jennifer Yoko Olson. It’s a thermoregulated chamber that creates the ideal environment for your starter to grow and thrive. It holds your container of starter and comes with an LED that shows the temperature.

What you do is put your container inside and cover it with the bell jar and turn it on. The space that holds your container of starter will begin to circulate temperature-controlled warm air inside the bell jar. The LED glows red or blue if it’s too warm or cool and golden if it’s just the perfect temperature. 

The Goldie is a compact USB-powered device that comes with automatic temperature detection. It warms up automatically when the LED turns blue and shuts off when it turns red. It even comes with a cooling puck you put inside the chamber for those summer days.

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Images courtesy of Sourhouse