Now that spring is finally here, many countries hold festivals to celebrate the season’s arrival. Particularly in Japan, people gather underneath the Sakura trees with family, friends, and coworkers to appreciate the beauty of the cherry blossoms. Glenfiddich attempts to capture this breathtaking annual event with a limited-edition single malt called the Grand Yozakura.

The name comes from the practice of viewing cherry blossoms at night. With proper lighting, it creates an ethereal atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on those who witness the spectacle. As such, the renowned distillery seeks to recreate an unforgettable experience with every sip of this exclusive expression.

These days, Japanese whiskey is held in high regard by enthusiasts all over the world. In fact, many are highly sought-after by collectors and can fetch staggering prices in auctions. The Scottish label remains a prestigious choice among connoisseurs, and they strive to regularly offer unique blends like the Grand Yozakura.

According to Glenfiddich, it begins with a 29-year-old spirit which matures in American oak casks and barrels at the distillery. What gives it a distinct profile in contrast to the group’s whiskies of the same age statement is its time in Japanese Awamori casks.

The single malt is then bottled at 45.1% abv. Each Grand Yozakura ships in a 750 ml bottle stored inside a beautiful box with images of Sakura blossoms. The package includes a bespoke stopper with a Hanko stamp and a poem inside a cloth capsule.

Glenfiddich describes the tasting notes of the Grand Yozakura as “a surge of ripe fruits and caramelized almonds fill the nose, before indulgent layers of toasted oak and creamy vanilla mingle with spice and sherbet, rippling on the tongue before a final crescendo of oak on the finish.”

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Images courtesy of Glenfiddich