In 2021, we chanced upon a clever application of advanced robotics from Piaggio Fast Forward with the Gita Mini. Although many know the Italian marque for its beloved Vespa scooter, it’s also in the tech game with this cool product. This is the Gita Plus, a future-forward alternative that can haul cargo for you.

With this self-balancing two-wheeled helper, you can forget about grocery bags, shopping trolleys, or a backpack for that matter. From what we can tell, Piaggio Fast Forward’s target market are people who want a convenient platform to carry their stuff.

The Gita Plus is the latest and largest version available right now. Just like its smaller cousin from last year, we’re getting some Star Wars vibes here. Specifically, it’s like an Astromech for folks who prefer to walk rather than commute or drive.

it’s a great companion to have when you’re out shopping as it can hold up to 65 liters of items. The manufacturer notes its maximum weight capacity is around 40 lbs. Technically, the Gita Plus might be able to accommodate a bit more than its standard limit, but it will likely affect performance.

The robot cargo carrier measures 25” x 22” x 25.8” and weighs about 50 lbs. It moves around on two large wheels and uses an array of sensors to navigate around obstacles and crowds. Moreover, it uses these to track and follow you. To match a person’s average walking pace, the Gita Plus boasts a top speed of 6 mph.

Piaggio Fast Forward say battery life is around six hours or up to 18 miles before it needs to recharge. The lid locks and can be remotely opened via your smartphone. The Gita Plus is available in shades of Rapid Blue and Porter Brown.

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Images courtesy of Piaggio Fast Forward