For the trendsetting traveler, a Ghurka Packet No. 83 should be a must-have because of its versatility, style, and portability. It keeps your suit crisp during travel and even holds other belongings. 

This is not your typical travel bag or suitcase with its compact and light tri-fold design. It lays flat for easy packing and unpacking and when folded, looks like a laptop bag. When folded, it only measures 23″ x 18″ but offers ample space to bring your items. It unfolds to provide 45″ of usable, interior space. 

The interior of the Ghurka Packet No. 83 comes with a nylon zipper to protect your clothing. It also has an interior strap to secure clothes flat and keep them organized. It can easily hold two to three suits and/or other garments.

Moreover, this travel bag offers other storage options through the exterior zipper pocket that measures 19″ x 13″ and with a depth of 2″.  It can hold your other travel essentials or those things you need close at hand like your wallet, passport, IDs, tablets, smartphones, headphones, and more. 

The Ghurka Packet No. 83 comes with a cotton twill lining, luggage tag, and a unique registration number per bag. It has a slot to fit the handle of a hanger. Speaking of handles, this bag offers a 43″ – 74″ adjustable and detachable shoulder strap and a single top handle. Both are useful when the bag is folded and when you want to hand carry it or slung it over the shoulder. 

The Ghurka Packet No. 83 comes in two handsome colorways. These include the Khaki Twill Vintage Chestnut and the professional-looking Vintage Chestnut Leather. 

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Images courtesy of Ghurka