Most of the guys we know have this deep obsession with robots. Science fiction shows, movies, books, toys, and cartoons have all contributed to this fascination. We’ve all likely dreamt of being able to pilot or remote-control one. However, have any of you wanted to become one? This option is not exactly available, but the Apogee comes close.

This innovative wearable robotic accessory made its debut several years ago as the Cray X. With minimal updates during the course of its development, some of us probably thought it was destined to become another piece of vaporware. Boy, we are glad to be wrong as German Bionic finally showcases the product at CES 2023.

The Apogee may not be as badass as the power loader in the movie Aliens but it is somewhat inspired by it. The mechanized exoskeleton focuses on support for the lower body of the user instead. We like how the manufacturer keeps it slim and lightweight for long-term use.

Its purpose is to protect your lower back and minimize fatigue when lifting heavy items. German Bionic notes that the wearable tool is ingress protected. This makes it perfect for almost any type of environment. The Apogee comes in several sizes to fit various body types alongside the Smart SafetyVest.

Sensors monitor the wearer’s actions and position to promote proper lifting posture. Overall, the motors and harnesses ensure that the range of movement remains natural. The Apogee compensates for up to 66 lbs. of weight from whatever item you are holding at any given moment. We hope they also come up with a motorized exoskeleton for the upper body in the future.

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Images courtesy of German Bionics