Product and Graphic Designer Florian Beser has taken a different approach in crockery shelf design with his unique creation called the Gere Multifunctional Crockery Shelf. Whereas in traditional designs, the plates or dishes are stored inside the shelf, his forms a part of the frame.

At a glance, this specially-designed crockery looks like a unique piece of kitchen furniture adorned with abstract art on the relief-like front wall of the shelf. But these art frames are actually a series of partitioned plates designed for use in varied scenarios or for eating different food. Each dish is different in its partition design, thus lending a rather playful aesthetic to the overall wooden construction. 

The Gere Multifunctional Crockery Shelf is crafted from local oak wood which is sturdy and water resistant while the plates were conceptualized using 3D graphic software before they were 3D printed and translated into plaster molds then ultimately cast in porcelain.

These plates or frames are seamlessly integrated on the front and they easily slide in and out for use or storage. They would certainly come in handy when you’ve ran out of clean dishes stored inside. Conveniently, it is modular. It expands to fit the occasion or personal preference and is possible to exchange the plates.

The Gere Multifunctional Crockery Shelf can also store cups, glasses, plates, and other kitchen utensils inside. It can even be left open when hanged on a wall so the plates can store other various items aside from kitchen essentials. When used for dining, these dishes make it easy to serve different menus.  

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Images courtesy of Florian Beser