Camping out in the great outdoors takes guts and experience, much like going into battle. You need to be prepared for whatever surprises await you. As such, you need ammunition, artillery, or firearms on the ready. The same applies to camping. You need survival tools on standby and you can always count on the Gerber Stake-Out multitool for help. 

This gear makes every outdoor adventure worth it. It has 11 tools you can work with to set up camp, build a fire, and cook food. These include a 2.2″ plain edge Scandi grind stainless steel blade that secures with a frame lock. It also has spring-loaded scissors, saw, awl, file, tweezer, and Ferro rod striker to build a fire.

Best of all, it has a tent stake puller that makes packing up and getting out a breeze. When the occasion calls for it, the Gerber Stake-Out multitool also has a ruler and the quintessential bottle opener to help you cool down and hydrate.

This camp tool is the ideal companion for every trip and task with its compact design and lightweight construction. When closed, it only measures 4.5″ and extends to 6.6″ with the knife pulled out. It is even thin at merely 0.75″ and most importantly, it does not weigh you down at just 3.32 ounces.

Adding to its portability, the Gerber Stake-Out multitool has a built-in sturdy carabiner, making it easy to clip to your backpack, belt, or jeans for quick and easy access.  Even if you don’t plan to head out camping, this gear makes great EDC for just about any small or quick fixes.

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Images courtesy of Gerber