Automotive expos are awesome avenues for manufacturers, journalists, and ordinary folks with a passion for motoring to gather and view the latest models, future releases, and concepts. The latter is especially noteworthy since it allows companies to push the boundaries of design. Thanks to video games, we can take vehicles like the Genesis x Gran Berlinetta VGT for a spin.

Ever since the long-running franchise introduced non-production vehicles in the roster, fans showered Sony and Polyphony Digital with praises. Where else can you drive something futuristic and fantastic that virtually exists in digital form? For the most immersive experience, we recommend a compatible steering wheel accessory over a controller when you play Gran Turismo 7.

The Genesis x Gran Berlinetta VGT made its public debut at the Gran Turismo World Series World Finals held earlier this month. A full-scale replica was on show and blew everyone away with the sexy curves of its aerodynamic body, LED lighting elements, aggressive stance, and clean design. As with most concept vehicles, we feel bad for collectors who want one in real life.

According to its proposed spec sheet, a mid-mounted Lambda 11 V6 engine is paired with an in-house E-SC system. The hybrid mill revs up to 10,000 rpm and outputs around 1,071 horsepower and 986 lb-ft of torque. This potent race-ready beast hides behind a sleek exterior with an equally opulent cockpit that oozes with style from every angle.

Racing seats and multi-point harnesses anchor you securely while you grab the aviation-inspired steering yoke with an integrated digital instrument display. The Genesis x Gran Berlinetta VGT dashboard is utilitarian save for the illuminated Genesis logo dead center. Diamond-pattern leather upholstery adorns most of the surfaces and metallic hardware accents add to its luxurious appeal.

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Images courtesy of Genesis